2010 Class

This is a repository of resources from the Fall 2010 student-driven reading group on worker-owned cooperatives, housed within MIT’s Community Innovators Lab (CoLab).  Students organized the class into six sessions to examine down the nuts and bolts of cooperatives.  Please note that Phil Thompson’s spring 2011 class will build upon this class, but will cover a wider range of economic development alternatives than worker-owned cooperatives, including broader neighborhood and city-wide strategies.

Download the Syllabus – Updated 9/23/10

This section contains resources (lecture notes, readings, links, organizations, etc) from these sessions:

General: Overview and general resources on cooperative development

  1. 10/20/2010 – What? (Ang Hadwin, Jeffrey Juarez)
  2. 10/27/2010 – Why? (Why a coop vs. any other model?) (Carlos Espinoza)
  3. 11/3/2010 – How? Start Up, Legal Structure (Elijah Hutchinson)
  4. 11/10/2010 – How? Business Plan, Financial Structure (Stefanie Ritoper)
  5. 11/24/2010 – How? Midlife (Elisha Goodman)
  6. 12/1/2010 – How? Leadership Development (values) (Kevin Feeney)

Trip to visit coops – (East Coast 12/17; West Coast week of 1/3 – Date TBD)


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