This is a repository of resources from the Fall 2010 student-driven reading group on worker-owned cooperatives, housed within MIT’s Community Innovators Lab (CoLab).  Students organized the class into six sessions to examine down the nuts and bolts of cooperatives.

Download the Syllabus – Updated 9/23/10

This section contains resources (lecture notes, readings, links, organizations, etc) from these sessions:

General: Overview and general resources on cooperative development

  1. 10/20/2010 – What? (Ang Hadwin, Jeffrey Juarez)
  2. 10/27/2010 – Why? (Why a coop vs. any other model?) (Carlos Espinoza)
  3. 11/3/2010 – How? Start Up, Legal Structure (Elijah Hutchinson)
  4. 11/10/2010 – How? Business Plan, Financial Structure (Stefanie Ritoper)
  5. 11/24/2010 – How? Midlife (Elisha Goodman)
  6. 12/1/2010 – How? Leadership Development (values) (Kevin Feeney)

Trip to visit coops – (East Coast 12/17; West Coast week of 1/3 – Date TBD)

Cooperative University Centers

Arthur Capper Cooperative Center – Kansas State University

Cooperative Enterprise Program – Cornell University

Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives – North Dakota State University

University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives (UWCC) – The university’s library holds one of the largest collections of cooperative materials in the US.


Equal Exchange – Cooperative based in Bridgewater, MA. Fairly traded coffee, tea, chocolate and snacks.


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