Business Plan / Financial Structure

Student Facilitator: Stefanie Ritoper
Guest Speaker: Newell Lessell, ICA Group
November 10, 2010, 7-9p

Required Reading

Read Chapter 7: “Cooperative Financial Management” and Chapter 8: “Procedures for organizing a cooperative” (Page 59 to 74), in:
Cooperatives: Principles and Practices in the 21st Century (2004)

Additional Resources

Planning for Perpetuity (26-34) and Business Management (35-44), in:
Worker Cooperative Toolbox. In Good Company: A Guide to Employee Ownership (2006)

ICA Group.  Feasibility Study for Commercial Cleaning Cooperative in Washington, D.C.. (2003)

ICA Group.  Feasibility Study for Win-Win Cleaning, Inc (2003)

Adams, Frank T. and Gary B. Hansen.  Putting democracy to work : a practical guide for starting and managing worker-owned businesses (1994)
Chapter 3: “Making a Preliminary Assessment”
Chapter 4: “Preparing a Business Plan”
Chapter 5: “Putting Capital to Work”


One Response to “Business Plan / Financial Structure”

  1. Tony Dunn November 24, 2010 at 2:26 pm #

    Followed Elijah’s recent link and found a Childcare worker coop in Philly that had a link to their 2008-2009 financial report (annual) and I thought it was an example of their structure so I am sharing.*6sDI4Fjk-*H7PAvA

    As you can see, they do a tremendous amount of fund-raising and grant writing which keeps the cost to costomers down will raising the wages of the workers. They seem to have a lot of support in Pennsylvania and it might be a replicable type of endeavor here especially for depressed inner city parents and workers.

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